The most advanced technology, delivered with integrity, honesty and personalized service.

Celebrating 20 years

In an industry where companies often spring in and out of existence in remarkably short periods, Cyberverse is a model of consistency and longevity. We’ve been around practically from the infancy of the Internet and have always strived to offer our clients the most advanced tools and technology.

What distinguishes us to our clients is our incessant ability to provide value in ways that go far beyond providing premium hardware. For example, the cumulative experience of our support staff is measured in decades. There’s simply no technical nut we haven’t found a way to crack, no obstacle we haven’t overcome.

But what makes Cyberverse truly different from other companies is how accessible that expertise is to our clients. Call on us at any time with a question and chances are excellent the person who picks up will be a Cyberverse principal. Our response is immediate and thorough. You’re treated as the valued customer you are, not as just a service ticket.

We’re exceedingly proud of the fact that this way of doing business has resulted not only in our longevity, but in delivering a level of service our clients trust and have come to rely on. These enduring relationships prove that we have consistently provided the value and service our clients deserve since our conception in 1994.