A message from cyberverse president greg domeno.

Seems like nearly everyone has had an experience similar to the one I had a while back. It was with a big phone company. There was a problem with their network that was affecting operations here at Cyberverse. I called with the intention of talking to someone who could provide a fix. Instead, what I got was the runaround. It was soon apparent the customer service person I spoke with regarded me as the problem.

I felt helpless - like shaking my fist at the tide. Short of a consumer revolution, there was probably little that could be done to change the uncaring attitude that seemed to pervade that corporation. The only positive aspect of this experience (and others like it) was to once again reinforce my conviction that I would always commit myself, and the people of my company, to providing our customers with genuinely caring, personalized service.

When I was a kid, working with my dad in his convenience store, I watched how attention to small details made a big difference. How remembering a customer’s name and making certain their favorite products were always available resulted in repeat visits. People came to rely on us, and us on them. Those relationships lasted years.

When I applied the same principles to operating Cyberverse, I got the same results. Clients who tried us stayed with us. Word spread, and more and more, we attracted clients who had become frustrated with the way they were treated at the big providers, and who appreciate being appreciated. Over the years, I’ve been presented with opportunities to relinquish varying degrees of control in return for investment money, or to partner with a large corporation in exchange for limiting our range of solutions. But I’ve always chosen to stay in control, to ensure that I can adhere to the business ethics I find so important.

It’s been a successful journey. We were fortunate to get into the business when we did, to have hired the right people and invested in the right infrastructure. But I know we also succeeded because our clients know when they have a problem, they can say, “I’m going to talk to Greg about this. And he’ll care.”