Los Angeles Data Center

location – suite 330 cage 15
For more information, contact
sales@cyberverse.com or 888.365.COLO (2656)

Size: 240 square feet (10' x 16')
Availability: Immediate
Type: Conditioned space
Finish: Raised floor with 15-foot ceiling height

Fiber: Multi-mode and single-mode fiber
available to the Meet Me Room
Multihomed Bandwidth:
100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gps speed

Ten (10) 20-ton Lieberts:
Condenser water sourced, forced air under
raised floor (configured as N+1)
Three (3) 1000-ton cooling towers:
Delivered in N+1 configuration

Fire Systems
Fire Panel: Dual fed dry-pipe system
Preaction equipped: Heat and smoke detection
above and below floor

1200 Amp 480 V feed Generator backup:
Five (5) 1500 kW generators, N+1 paralleled,
building maintained

cyberverse cage-img-suite-300-cage-15

300 KVA UPS Power Plant:
Circuits available at 120 V, 208 V.
3 Phase Power available
Utility AC: Circuits available at 120 V, 208 V.
3 Phase Power available

HVAC and Power:
Building managed and monitored
Security Cameras:
Building monitored, digital video recording
Entry: Building monitored, biometric readers
Power: Building monitored

Under floor cable tray: In place and available
for client cabling
Turnkey configuration:Six (6) open frame 7’/44RU
cabinets with 10x 30A/120V circuits configured 2N
with vertical cable management and overhead
ladder rack infrastructure already installed.

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